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About Us.

NVOI derived from the Latin word Inviāre to be on the way, path or route. Inspired by the constant changes within the hospitality industry and the modern travellers. We are focused on creating the best strategic decision for brands and owners from a broader global perspective.


NVOI Hospitality presents an inclusive narrative in an exclusive environment, embodying the true face of consultancy for luxury to boutique hospitality. We offered full 360 hospitality consultancy that ensures the long-term development of each of our clients in keeping their identity, heritage and expertise and ensuring deep emotional connection between their brand and guests.


We shape our clients vision turning them into reality, and we deliver solutions for hospitality within Hotel & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars and Spa.

Our Team.

We have a multinational team of leading experts that is committed in providing insightful information in all areas of hospitality. All consultants are accredited and benchmarked from Swiss Hospitality.

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